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PhotosElection: Datura Baba


Today I start my selection of the pictures I will print for my very first exhibition.
I decided to start with one of the picture I like the most.
This one:
Datura Baba

I met this Sadhu in a small village called Jalalpur.
Literally in the middle of nowhere  in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Hundreds of kilometers far from the last touristic place where you can find bottled water or toilet paper.
2000 people, 80 amazing temples (sadly mostly in very bad condition) and 80 hand-pump wells.

Why I was there and how I reached that place? …long long story. Better to describe those moments.

Jalalpur is the hometown of my friend Raju, the only person able to speak few words of English in the whole village.
Those were the days of the local religious fest, a crazy aesthetic event.

Raju introduced me to a group of  Sadhus coming from “who knows” that gathered there like many other pilgrims.
He didn’t finish to speak that we were invited to sit and join the circle.

People start gathering surrounding us.
All the eyes were pointed at me.
Mine were trying to focus on the scene and the ritual.

The Baba starts eating a small piece of a root.
Raju says: “This is Kali Singha. Very powerful. Very dangerous. Don’t eat”.
I got only the hindi name and a piece that I still have the Sadhu donated to me.
He said to Raju it was an immense honor for him.
I was the Guest.
I was God.

Than he starts smoking a mixture based on Ganja, roasted and crushed Datura seeds and Bidi, the hand rolled indian cigarettes.

Bewitched by the scene I took the camera…and this is the sequence:

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Now that I look at the sequence I was wondering if I should print the sequence instead.
Anyhow… before I left I got a special blessing from this guy 🙂
india 788


P.S: I am aware of the fact that selecting photos is not an easy task.
I am lucky because I can count on the judgement of friends and photographers I met during the last months.
Obviously if you guys…random and interesting people visiting this blog…want to participate, well…feel free to do it with your comments.