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Into the darkness


Looking at my pictures a good friend of mine, great travel buddy and talented photographer, use to tell me with her french accent :  ” izs too daark man”. I admit it…I like darkness and shadows and obscurity…sometimes even lack of clarity. And I like to underexpose often in order to get less details but higher quality pixels I can play with in the dark room.

Yesterday I had time to play with one photo I took in Kolkata/Calcutta (India).

It was very dark and I was coming back from the local street market with a bag of veggies and fruit in one hand and the camera on the other. In company of one of the many interesting and smart characters that I met during my last 8 month trip, a true traveler and conversationalist, we decided to sit on a bench and have a pomegranate and a doobie.
I think we were talking about sacred symbolism or some other kind of dark matter.

Suddenly this kid popped up (original photo).

into the darkness

I think he was living with his family in one of the shelters that you can see in between big roads and buildings in one of the most high end residential areas of Calcutta. The pores of his skin were colored by the petrol gases coming from those old taxi that keep in hostage the city.

He was begging for some rupees and, in my poor Hindi I say: “Nei Paisa’, baia. Fal?” (No money brother, Fruit?). He took an apple. I took a picture and 5 seconds after he disappear.

—– Playing and puzzling in the digital darkroom—–

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